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Helping property owners across the North East safely remove asbestos without ever compromising your health, safety, or business operations.

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Do you think that you have asbestos on your property? Afraid of the risks it might bring to your health?

Inhaling asbestos fibres increases the risk of developing a fatal asbestos related illness or disease. If you think asbestos is present in your property, don’t put your health or others’ health at risk by delaying an inspection or removal.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience working with asbestos, Safe Strip UK provide a highly specialised all in one asbestos removal solution, from initial surveys through to cost effective removal. We cover the North East of England and surrounding areas including Newcastle, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Stock-on-tees and further.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Company North East

Have you found higher-risk Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) on your property? These include high quantities of loose debris that contain asbestos dust, asbestos insulation board, asbestos sprayed coatings, or fluffy insulation which may be a blue-grey or whitish colour. These types of asbestos are considered as the most hazardous category posing significant risks to your health.

Higher-risk asbestos removal work must be carried out by a licensed and trained contractor in the UK due to the likelihood of the material giving off highly hazardous asbestos fibres. When working with higher-risk ACMs, all work must be correctly planned and executed according to the Control of Asbestos Regulations.

For over 30 years, Safe Strip UK has invested heavily in a range of memberships, accreditations, and high-level training which demonstrates our expert level of competence in one of the UK’s most regulated industries. Safe Strip UK are fully licensed by Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to carry out the removal of higher risk Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s).

Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal Company North East

When carrying out refurbishment or maintenance work within your property or home, you may come across lower risk Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) which either need removed or encapsulated. Typical projects involving lower risk ACMs include the drilling of textured decorative coatings, cleaning up small quantities of loose debris that contain asbestos dust, or maintenance work involving asbestos cement products, vinyl flooring, bitumen roof felt, shingles, damp-proof coatings, plastic paint coatings, PCV floors, or sealing compounds.

Despite not needing a license for working with lower risk asbestos materials, they still need to be managed according to HSE Guidance, by trained professionals with the correct safety procedures, equipment, insurance and experience.

Not sure whether you need a licensed contractor? Reach out to us today for an Asbestos Survey to help you determine the concentration of asbestos in your property.


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Asbestos Removal

Identify The Presence of Asbestos and Take Action Today

Whether you are a homeowner looking for your asbestos garage roof to be removed and re-roofed, or you are a commercial business looking for asbestos removal from a demolition site, we can provide safe and effective removal of asbestos, whatever the type or location.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Finding asbestos on your property can put your business in a difficult position. While asbestos removal work can result in the temporary closure of your site, we understand that you need a company that focuses on efficiency. We aim to have your business operating smoothly as soon as possible, without delaying your operations. We provide asbestos removal services to construction contractors, property owners, councils, listed buildings and more.

Residential Asbestos Removal

Found asbestos in your home? Call us immediately on 0191 5121 046, and don’t put your family’s health at risk. We work on all areas of your home that can contain asbestos including baths, sinks and commodes with asbestos coatings, floor tiles, garage roofs, asbestos-based insulation boards, loose asbestos found within the wall cavities, and more. Safe Strip UK provides you with the safest, most reliable method of asbestos removal from your home.

Industrial Asbestos Removal

Was your building built or refurbished before the year 2000? Then it most likely contains asbestos which must be contained or removed. Asbestos was mainly used for its insulation properties and can be found in, but not limited to, building materials such as sprayed ceiling coatings, walls, beam and columns, water tanks with asbestos cement, loose fill insulation, lagging on boilers pipes, AIB partition walls, and AIB ceiling tiles.

Asbestos In Schools

Asbestos contamination and exposure can pose health risks to staff, pupils, and other school workers. If ACM’s are worn out, damaged, or disturbed during renovations, it can easily escape into the air, significantly increasing the risks of developing illnesses such as lung cancer. Do not endanger the health of pupils, staff, and workers within your institution. Call Safe Strip UK and have our team of licensed operatives remove asbestos from your building.

Asbestos Surveys North East

At Safe Strip UK, we work with commercial and residential property owners to help you match the legal obligations of your business or home. Asbestos regulations can be complex, however the survey team at Safe Strip UK can provide substantial advice within all areas of asbestos management, with all surveys produced in an easy-to-understand format. We provide Asbestos Management Surveys, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys, Asbestos Re-Inspection Surveys, and Asbestos Risk Assessments.

Asbestos In Soils Removal

Asbestos in soils is a common issue across many sites throughout the UK, especially within brownfield sites. The management and removal of asbestos in soils can often prove costly, however the risks and requirements for managing asbestos in soils depend on the types of material present. Our team of asbestos consultants can assist with all areas of asbestos contaminated soils, from initial site inspection through to the management of projects and site aftercare.

Why Choose Safe Strip Uk?

By focusing on our clients requirements we are able to provide a first class service to ensure that clients comply with The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Health & Safety

Safe Strip UK holds a full Health and Safety Executive (HSE) licence to undertake work with asbestos right across the UK. All asbestos is disposed of through the correct and legitimate channels, with all operatives trained beyond the requirements of The Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Private and Public Sector Experience

Our management team have over 30 years of experience working across both the private and public sectors. This gives us a greater understanding of all environments, which enables us to supply an efficient and cost effective solution for all.

Rapid Response Division

We offer a rapid response division which gives all our clients a 24/7 call out service. This gives peace & mind to our clients, knowing that in the event of an emergency we are on hand to make the situation as smooth & trouble free as possible.

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Areas We Cover In The North East

Below are just some of the areas that we cover across the North East of England and surrounding areas.

Asbestos Removal Newcastle

Asbestos Removal Gateshead

Asbestos Removal Hartlepool

Asbestos Removal Sunderland

Asbestos Removal Durham

Asbestos Removal Middlesbrough

Asbestos Removal Darlington

Asbestos Removal Stockton-on-tees

Local Council Areas In The North East

If you are required to contact your local council area to discuss an asbestos related problem, click your council area below for their asbestos advice and contact details.


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